Take a look at the R&S Coachbuilts Galley of Tudor Webasto Sunroofs

  • The Webasto Sunroof was very popular with MGBs.
  • 'Here is a Rover P6 with the Sunroof closed.
  • And here is the same car with the Sunroof open.
  • This Classic car is having a Webasto Sunroof Fitted.
  • Here is the end result - Beautiful!
  • Talking of beauty, the Webasto Sunroof only adds to the Beauty of this E-Type Jaguar.
  • A Webasto Sunroof will fit most classic Jags.
  • And even rarer cars such as this Jenson Interceptor.
  • In fact our sunroofs will fit most classics even popular ones such as this Ford.
  • We are not confined to just UK cars. Here is a classic American car - a Buick.
  • Here is a BMW 320 from the 1980s getting a Webasto Sunroof.
  • The finished result - looking good!
  • Our Sunroofs will fit modern cars too, look at the New shaped Mini.
  • Whatever car you have, contact us and we are sure to have a Webasto Sunroof to fit.
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