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Tudor Webasto Sunroof Kit Components

Parts current as from 2017
  • Front Plate

    front plate
  • Front Finshers (LH & RH)

    front finishers
  • Locking Bars (LH & RH)

    front bar
  • Locking Bar Assembly

    front bar
  • Locking Bar Only

    front bar
  • Rising Hoodstick

    rising hoodstick
  • Sliding Hoodstick

    sliding hoodstick
  • T-Spacer, Accessory Bag & Straight Spacer

    t-spacer, accessory bag and straight spacer
  • Rear Plate

    rear plate
Did you know...

There are over 30 components that go to make a Tudor Webasto Sunroof...

The Tudor Webasto Sunroof has the following Optional Extras:
- Aerofoil
- Wind Deflector

You can view and download the Tudor Webasto Installation Manual Part 1

  • Cable & Corner Bracket

    cable and corner bracket
  • Claw & Anchor Plate

    claw and anchor plate
  • Rubber Piping & Cable Guide Plates

    Plastic piping and cable guide plates
Handle & Lock Assembly - Exploded View
  • Lock Trim Plate with Screws & Lock Assembly

    lock trim plate and assembly
  • Buffer-Stop & Lock nut, Handle Pin with Handle Spring

    buffer-stop and lock nut, handle pin with handle spring
  • Cone & Location Cup

    cone and location cup
  • Handle & Handle Escutcheon

    front finishers
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