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Tudor Webasto Sunroofs

tudor webasto sunroof fitted to a jaguar
tudor webasto sunroof

Let the sunshine in to your classic car by fitting a Tudor Webasto Sunroof

For over 40 years Tudor Webasto Sunroofs have been made for virtually every car. Check to see if your car can be fitted with a Tudor Webasto Sunroof by checking our Application list:

R&S Coachbuilts have been the number one supplier of the Tudor Webasto Sunroof worldwide for more than 25. We stock all the parts you need from complete kits to the smallest parts and we of course despatch world wide.

If you are unsure what parts you need to repair your Tudor Webasto Sunroof no problem just check our spare parts list and our price list (All prices are subject to Postage).

Did you know...
Tudor Webasto is a market leader?

The Tudor Webasto Sunroof has been a market leader for more than 40 years.
Originally developed in Germany, it is now exclusively manufactured in the UK.

R&S Coachbuilts are sole distributors?

For 25 years R&S Coachbuilts have been the sole distributor of Tudor Webasto sunroofs worldwide. In that time we have supplied sunroofs for virtually every car including those owned by the rich and famous including the Beatles and a Saudi Prince.

Download a copy of the Tudor Webasto Sunroof Fitting Manual

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